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What do the quick icons mean?

At CCTV Empire we try to make our site as easy to use as possible, so we created our quick icons for some products to allow you to quickly see the products basic features.

Below you will find a list of each quick icon and its meaning.



This product outputs a 3K (5MP) resolution. 


This product outputs a 4K (8MP) resolution.


This product supports 4in1 video output - you can switch the video from TVI to CVI,SDI or CVBS for compatibility.


This product supports Audio over coax (AOC), audio and video down a single RG59 Cable. (compatible products required)


This product has a built in mic for hearing what is happening in your cameras view.


This product has this number of storage bays.


This product supports RAID.


This product supports acusense human and vehicle classification for better motion alerts.


This product supports two way audio for listening and speaking within your cameras view.


This product supports power over coax (POC) for sending video and powering a camera using 1 cable. (compatible products required)


This product supports Live Guard - this is when a strobe light and audio warning can be given upon event detection (by motion or other alarm)