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CCTV Repairs

CCTV Empire will undertake any repairs to a CCTV System, we can provide just a single member of staff for basic repairs & up to 4 members for larger repair works.

 CCTV Repairs we undertake include the following...

  • No display on your CCTV Screen
  • Camera(s) not working
  • Replacement cameras
  • Replacement DVR/NVR
  • Replacement HDD storage
  • Re-wiring
  • Data & structured cabling
  • Wireless transmitters not operating properly
  • Remote access to your CCTV System

 Our current Labour rates are shown below for any labour completed on / off-site - prices shown are per member of staff and exclude vat

  • CCTV Repair work - fixed fee with up to 2hrs on-site labour - £100 excluding vat - then £50 per hour - billed per man
  • Off-site remote support - £50ex vat per hour
  • Travelling expenses if over 25 miles round trip you will be billed our standard labour rates from the time we set off
  • If a cherry picker or any specialist machinery is required this will be charged on top of our normal fees stated on this page.
  • Remote assistance £50ex vat per hour.

•Replacement hardware not provided or in warranty with ourselves will be charged on top of the labour fee's shown above - all our main available hardware is available on our website with pricing being available after logging in, hardware used is charged at the price shown on the day of repair - please note you will be informed prior to replacing any hardware of the costs involved.

•Remote CCTV footage Downloads £10 per camera per hour of footage (1 copy will be put on cd for you) please note your internet connection must have a minimum of 2mb upload*remote access required additional copies available for £10 each

•Should a Camera / recorder fail which was provided by us be still within warranty please be aware we will have to take the faulty product away with us and return it to the manufacturer for repair, We can request an advanced replacement/reconditioned unit to be sent within 2 working days if you choose you would like to do this - please be aware advanced replacement hardware can be reconditioned units which may have minor signs of wear and possibly have some scratches (If you would prefer a repair please be aware this can take up to 28days)