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Remote Assistance

Terms and Conditions

      • Technical support over the phone and via email is free to the buyer for all goods purchased from us for its full warranty period.
      • For goods purchased from a 3rd party or out of warranty we can still provide support however all support is charged at £50 per hour plus vat (£60).
      • Remote/Technical assistance is only free of charge to the purchaser/purchasing company.
      • Our free remote setup service applies to the initial setup of Any DVR/NVR/Camera when purchased from ourselves (only to the purchaser of the goods). This is limited to a basic plug and play setup and assistance with setting up remote access via hikvisions apps, more advanced setups are chargeable at the standard rates
      • The free service does not include setting up 3rd party cameras/new or replacement and user reset routers/cameras running over a network/VLANS/smart features & alerts/alarm inputs/NAS Drives/Email alerts/SD Card snapshots or to setup more advanced network configurations - in these cases the remote setup would be chargeable at the standard hourly rate of (£50 + vat (£60).
      • This service is available Mon-Fri between 10:00am & 4:00pm. We advise prior to visiting a site that you first confirm we will have a member of staff available to carry out the remote setup/assistance.
      • Prior to calling please make sure you have available any passwords required including router login passwords (not the wireless password), your DVR/NVR/Cameras admin password and any admin passwords for your computer.
      • Prior to calling please make sure you have downloaded and installed splashtop (available below) and that you have a remote assistance code (splashtop will give you this once run).
      • After the warranty period all remote support sessions are chargeable.

      By downloading the software you are agreeing to our terms and conditions above.

      Click the plus icon to download the splashtop remote assistance software

      Splashtop Remote Assistance Software