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Hikvision DVR HD-TVI 7300 2MP

Hikvision Range of Analogue HD-TVI DVR 2MP Capable recorders

The 7300 range of DVR's are Business grade recorders with 4 HDD Bays, these recorders have 16 alarm inputs as well as Dual Lan ports as they can also work with IP Cameras. Via the dual lan ports the IP Cameras can be kept off your network infrastructure unlike the 7200 series this is done by going from one of the ports to your network and the other port can wire to a PoE Switch which the cameras could be plugged into (You can also disable the TVI Inputs to allow more IP Cameras to be used with a maximum of 40 cameras on the DS-7332HQHI-K4)

Hikvision DS-7308HQHI-F4/N 8ch HD-TVI DVR TVI-2MP IP-4MP -- Boxed-Unused-Discontinued -- 3 MONTH RTB WARRANTY
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-7308HQHI-F4/N-3-MONTH-WARRANTY
2 AVAILABLEHikvision DS-7308HQHI-F4/N - 25 fps real time recording on all cameras (with lite mode enable - see below) - BOXED - Never been used - 3 MONTH RTB WARRANTY - Discontinued Product Hikvision DS-7300HQHI-F4 series comprise an 4, 8 or 16 channel TVI DVR.  Capable of recording ..
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