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Forgot Password

Please find below instructions for Hikvision password recovery - Please note: we can only unlock hardware purchased from ourselves.

Here are the steps for password recovery (working only for DVRs/NVRs with new firmware v.3.3.0, and cameras with v5.3):

Please note - that you should not power off the device between creating the export file and importing the reset file as this would require a new file to be generated.

1. First of all, download the SADP (Search for Active Device Protocol) software, This when connected to the same network as your camera/recorder will find and display information. The SADP Tool is available on the page link below


2. Create a suggestive folder on your local disk, for example "Hikvision reset". Put a tick in the box beside the product with the lost password, click forgot password, then click "Export" option. Save the file in the folder you created.

The SADP tool will save an xml file in your local folder - close SADP (it is important that you close and reopen SADP between exports and imports

3. This generated file you will have to send to ourselves by email, along with your order number, product code and product serial number your house/business postcode & house/building number to sales@cctvempire.co.uk

Within 48 hours we will send you the unlock file.

4. Once you receive the unlock xml file from us by email, place it in the "Hikvision reset" folder you created earlier

5. From the SADP tool, select the device again then forgot password. Type a New Password and Confirm Password, then click Import. If everything is ok, the "Reset password success" message will pop up.

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