Redwall SIP-100 PIR Outdoor 100m Curtain

Redwall SIP-100 PIR Outdoor 100m Curtain

Product Code: SIP-100
Availability: Delivered in 2-3 Days


The REDWALL SIP is a series of long range volumetric outdoor PIRs designed to work in conjunction with CCTV systems to trigger camera positions or alarms.

They are perfect for the outdoor environment and have a very low false alarm rate.

The SIP-100 is a hardwired model providing a detection range of 100Mx3M (LxW) and an additional 6Mx9M creep zone ideal to protect long and narrow areas such as along fence lines or buildings and alleyways.

The SIP-100 has three independent detection zones -far, near and creep zones, with independent sensitivity selection, that can trigger the right camera pre-sets and provide the best view of the scene to local security staff or remote monitoring stations.

Weather and vandal-resistant, the SIP PIRs are designed to be used in harsh outdoor environments, their sensitivity settings adjust automatically to the ambient temperature and illuminance

They feature a vandal-resistant polycarbonate housing, an accelerometer to detect if the sensor position has been tampered with plus an active infrared antimask feature.

Main Features:

  • 100mx3m
  • Hardwired intelligent PIR
  • Three independent detection zones -far/near/creep
  • Active infrared antimasking and vandal resistant
  • 1 year warranty

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