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Brand: Haydon Model: HAY-PSU412-4A
Hay PSU 4 Way 12v 4aFor full spec sheet please click here..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Brand: Haydon Model: HAY-PSU1612-10A
Haydon PSU 16 Way 12v 10APlease be aware most cameras require 1 amp of power so we recommend this PSU be used for no more than 10 cameras to ensure there is adequate power availableOutputs 1-4 have 2.5A availableOutputs 5-16 have 1.1A availableTotal power output cannot exceed 10AFor full sp..
Ex Tax:£47.50
Brand: Haydon Model: PSU-24v-5A
PSU 24v 5a IP66 rated PSUFor full spec sheet please click here..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Brand: Haydon Model: HAY-PSU1612-20A
Hay PSU 16 Way 12v 20aPlease be aware this PSU needs hard wiring to the electrics and fitting by an electrician as it needs fusing off with a 20A Fuse (not provided) if you wish to run the CCTV cameras power off standard plug sockets please use 2x seperate 9 way PSU'sFor full spec sheet ple..
Ex Tax:£70.00
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