NDAA Compliance

What is NDAA?

The National Defence Authorisation Act

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), effective August 13, 2019, specifically section 889 is designed to prohibit the use of video surveillance, telecommunications services, equipment and components manufactured by specific vendors in order to quell threats posed to Cyber Security and in turn, security and surveillance.

For our partners and customers, these regulations can affect international supply chains, GSA contracts and even deployed technologies.

CCTV Empire is committed to complying with all government and international trade regulations, supporting NDAA-compliance across its product line with a full suite of trade-compliant CCTV equipment, with many currently used in a range of commercial applications.

How does NDAA effect you?

Section 889 of the National Defense Authorisation Act doesn’t just prevent government organisations from deploying cameras manufactured by the blacklisted companies. It also bans them from conducting business with any organisation that is using them. This has serious implications for UK & European companies conducting business in a global landscape where organisations and operations are increasingly connected.

UK & European based companies who are contemplating buying video surveillance products from one of the Section 889 listed manufacturers may find they come into difficulties.

It is also likely companies either connected to or with ownership in the US may enforce the procedures directed by section 889.

In short this means many companies are prevented from using cameras and other equipment that contain components from black listed companies.

If you are in need of NDAA compliant equipment please call or email us for advice on the equipment we can provide.

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