Ajax REX2 Range extender - with motioncam support

Ajax REX2 Range extender - with motioncam support

Product Code: REX2
Availability: Delivered in 2-3 Days


The REX2 Range extender allows you to expand the boundaries of your alarm system and gives freedom to place AJAX security system devices over a large area.

Upto 5 range extenders can operate within the Ajax system to expand the coverage of the radio network up to 35 km2.

Events and alarms are transmitted instantly, and the first photo verification snapshot is delivered to a monitoring station and users in just 13 seconds

ReX 2 works with MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor motion detectors.

Radio can communicate through steel and concrete

The next major OS Malevich update allows covering office centres with underground parking lots, sectional metal hangars, and warehouse complexes of several large buildings with a single Ajax system. Once the operating system is updated, ReX 2 will be able to connect to a hub both via radio communication and via Ethernet — using the wire as a single or second communication channel.

ReX 2 works as an extra intelligent control panel: it connects devices into an autonomous group and takes over control at the right time. Thanks to automatic adjustment of signal strength and frame synchronization, any number of system devices can be connected to ReX 2 — the reliability of communication will not be affected by this. If, for some reason, radio communication with the hub is interrupted, ReX 2 will receive an alarm from a sensor and activate a configured siren to draw attention to the incident and deter the burglar.

ReX 2 connection and configuration process saves the installation engineer time. To add a range extender to a system, simply scan a QR-code with the Ajax app and assign it a name and a room. The device is also configured in real time in the app. If necessary, ReX 2 can be disabled or reconfigured without site visits.

  • ReX 2 cannot be connected to another range extender, only to a hub.
  • When transmitting images from MotionCam Outdoor (default settings) through ReX 2 range extender and the hub. The hub should be connected to the internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 4G.
  • ReX 2 is equipped with an Ethernet port, Your hub must be updated to OS Malevich or newer to use the ethernet port as a means of communication with your hub.

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