Texecom Alarms

Texecom Alarms

Texecom is highly regarded as the leading security company by professional, commercial, residential and industrial clients around the world. They are trusted by over 300,000 professional installers, protecting over a million people and properties globally.
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Battery - 12v 2.8aH for alarm panels

Yuasa General purpose VRLA battery (12v 2.8aH)Lead Calcium Grids for superior lifeAbsorbed Glass Mat..


Battery - Texecom Replacement 7.2V Battery For Texecom Odyssey Bell Boxes

Texecom Replacement 7.2V Battery For Texecom Odyssey Bell Boxes..


Texecom 64 Zone Wireless Kit

This Wireless Alarm Kit includes the following;1 x Premier Elite 64-W5 x Premier Proximity Tags 1 x..


Texecom 64 Zone Wireless Kit With Sounder

This Wireless Alarm Kit includes the following; 1 x Premier Elite 64-W 5 x Premier Proximity..


Texecom Odyssey X3 Sounder Cover - White/Blue

This is a brandable cover for the Odyssey X3 sounder backplate - it is white with blue accent in hex..


Texecom P15 Capture 15m PIR - AKB-0001

The Texecom P15 Capture 15m PIR (AKB-0001)- Grade 2 Dual Element PIR is a Wired detector with 15m co..


Texecom Premier Compact IR - Dual Element PIR

The Premier Compact IR - Grade 2 Dual Element PIR is a Wired detector with 12m coverage.Note - This ..


Texecom Premier Elite 64-W - Alarm Panel

The Premier Elite 64-W is a Ricochet enabled alarm control panel.Featuresup to 64 Wireless Zones (32..


Texecom Premier Elite 64-W LIVE - Alarm Panel With Display

The Premier Elite 64-W LIVE is Ricochet enabled alarm control panel with display.Featuresup to 64 Wi..


Texecom Premier Elite DT-W - Wireless Dual Tech Detector

The Premier Elite DT-W is a Wireless dual technology detector with 15m volumetric coverage, digital ..


Texecom Premier Elite LCDLP-W - Wireless LCD Keypad

The Premier Elite LCDLP-W is a wireless keypad with large LCD screen and built-in proximity rea..


Texecom Premier Elite Micro Contact-W - Wireless Door Contact

The Premier Elite Micro Contact-W is a miniature wireless contact for doors or windows. Features ..


Texecom Premier Elite Micro Shock-W - Wireless Shock Sensor

The Premier Elite Micro Shock-W is a wireless shock sensor with superior accelerometer technolo..


Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey X-W - Wireless External Sounder

The Premier Elite Odyssey X-W is a wireless external sounder backplate with 105dB piezo sounder..


Texecom Premier Elite OH-W - Wireless Ricochet Enabled Smoke Detector

The Premier Elite OH-W is a Wireless optical and heat fire detector with 85dB built in sounder Ma..


Texecom Premier Elite PA DP-W - Wireless Double Push Panic Button

The Premier Elite PA DP-W is a wireless double push panic button with silent operation. This wire..

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