Ajax Fire Protect 2 - RB/CO - Heat/Smoke/CO Detection - White - Replaceable Battery

Ajax Fire Protect 2 - RB/CO - Heat/Smoke/CO Detection - White - Replaceable Battery

Product Code: FireProtect2-RB-CO-White
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Ajax Fire Protect 2 - RB - Heat, Smoke & CO Detection - White - Replaceable Battery

Wireless fire detector with temperature sensor and CO Detector that monitors security in the room twenty four hours a day and immediately notifies of smoke and sharp jumps in temperature.

Registers smoke and sharp jumps in temperature in the room

Can operate independently from Ajax Hub, notifying of danger by means of a built-in siren.

Independently tests the smoke chamber and gives prompt notification of the need to dust.

Ready to operate straight out the box: the battery is already installed. With one click, it can be connected to the hub in the mobile application. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

RB Variant - Replaceable Batteries - Estimated battery life expectancy of 7yrs

Smoke detection

FireProtect 2 detects smoke and does not react to water vapour thanks to a dual-spectrum optical sensor with blue and infrared LEDs. LEDs emit light with different wavelengths, which allows the detector to determine the size of the volatile particles and react only to smoke. The detector's smoke chamber is protected from dust, dirt, and insects. Even if dust enters and settles in the smoke chamber, it does not threaten or impair the detection. The optical system is designed so that non-volatile particles or insects cannot be in two beams simultaneously and cause a false alarm.

Detection of a rapid temperature rise

Two built-in thermistors are responsible for the reaction to temperature rise. Thermistors are located outside the detector for faster threat detection.  If the room temperature exceeds +64°C or increases at more than 10°C within a minute, the detector recognizes this as a rapid temperature rise and raises the alarm.

Detection of dangerous CO concentration level

A built-in chemical sensor with a service life of at least 10 years is responsible for detecting a dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide in FireProtect 2. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, tasteless, and odourless gas produced due to incomplete fuel combustion in automobile engines and heating appliances that use coal or other natural fuels. For example, it can be made by fireplaces, boilers, or heating systems. In airtight or closed rooms with poor ventilation, life-threatening concentrations of carbon monoxide can accumulate. 

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